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  • EKO™ Mat Super Jute Weed Mat, 350gsm, 1.83m x 25m Roll

    Super Jute is a low-fines processed jute which is of similar longevity to standard 800gsm jute. It is also less flammable, 50% lighter and easier to cut. Super Jute acts as a mulch that suppresses weed growth, assists in stabilisation of slopes and increases moisture retention in the soil to aid in the establishment of vegetation. 100% biodegradable 350gsm jute 1.83m x 25m roll
  • ARBORMASTER Harness Pro II Medium
    The new Arbormaster Pro 2 has undergone a number of improvements, with a more secure, non slip buckle and wider back with memory foam padding that adds additional comfort and reduces heat build up. There are also easily accessible looped pockets for on tough comfortable padded elastic leg straps, loops for attaching suspenders and an additional stitching in high wear areas where you need it the most. A better balance point spreads the load between batten seat and the back pad which helps to eliminate pressure points while providing superior freedom. Also has two new style sliding D rings and side D attachment points.

    Compliance testing (OSHA/ANSI): Meets or exceeds AS/NZS 1891.1
    Standard for sit harnesses. Available in Small, Medium and Large.
  • HAIX Trekker Mountain Boots UK9.5 EU44
    Premium chainsaw protective boots from Haix Schuhe in Germany for arborists and foresters. The rigid midsole minimises discomfort from wearing climbing spikes and can help to prevent long term back issues associated with flexing of the footbed.

    Upper Material: Oiled nubuck leather, hydrophobic, breathable (5,0 mg/cm²/h), 2.6 – 2.8 mm thick.
    Cut Protection: KEVLAR® protection against cuts certified with cut category 1 (20m/sec).
    Inner lining: GORE-TEX® Laminate Technology 4-layer GORE-TEX® laminate, waterproof and breathable. Highly abrasion-resistant lining with fleece midlayer. Optimized climate comfort for all year and excessive use. Increased chemical protection.
    Plastic Insole: dimensionally stable, torsion-proof, avoids punctual pressure (e.g. of stones).
    Foot bed: Anatomically formed, exchangeable, washable, very good moisture absorption dries quickly.
    Protective Toe Cap: Anatomically formed and well-padded protective toe cap.
    Protective Throughsole: Flexible protective centre throughsole.
    Sole: Rubber/PU walking sole with proven street/terrain tread, wear resistant and non-slip traction; large, bevelled contact surface and superior bending
    comfort. This rubber shell sole features the MSL (micro-soft-light) system that is the result of an additional production process to achieve extremely low weight, excellent cold/heat insulation, oil and gasoline resistance and non-marking characteristics. Compliant with EN ISO 20344/20345:2007.
    HAIX®-Climate-System: Climate System with Micro-Dry lining at top of leg.
    HAIX®-MSL System: MicroSoftLight: Improved damping, extremely low weight due to the PU foam across the entire sole area, good cold/heat insulation.
    HAIX®-FP-System: Flex Protection - protection of the flexzone.
    Others: Integrated heel bend, lacing system with eyelets permitting smooth movement, clamps and self-closed hooks, rubber toe cap, no side seams.
    Leg height 18 cm, antistatic.
    Available sizes EU 36 – 47, Extra large sizes EU 48 – 49.
    CE EN ISO 17249:2007 S3 HRO HI CI WR SRC
  • ART Lockjack Sport 2 with Swivel
    The Lockjack is an efficient and easy-to-handle ascender and descender, invented by Hubert Kowalewski to assist tree climbers around the world.

    The latest version incorporates the new popular Swivel design, allowing the Lockjack to compensate for twists and turns of rope and the climber.

    The ART Lock Jack 2 works just like a climbers friction hitch by pinching the line when weight is applied. It requires only a few feet of rope weight before it starts pulling through on its own, always stays close to the harness and has low profile design.

    Spare parts available.
  • SOLO Knapsack Diaphragm 15L
    The diaphragm pump generates a lower pressure (maximum 6O PSI) resulting in larger droplets with less spray drift. Works well with all spray types including wettable powders. Recommended for use when ground spraying weed killers. Our most popular sprayer. Capacity 15L
  • ARS Professional Bypass Secateur 20cm
    Top of the range professional secateurs with PVC grips over an alloy body. Replaceable hard chrome blades with sap-groove on counter blade. These blades hold their edge much longer than other brands. Length 20cm.
    - Super sharp blades are Marquench hardened & hardchrome plated for long life.
    - Unique spring-loaded thumb latch. Simply squeeze handles to release.
    - Interchangeable cutting blades.
    - Counter blade has a sap groove.
    - Solid, die-cast alloy handles.
    - Neoprene buffer endorsed inside spring
    - Polymer coated handle grips for comfort and control
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