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HAWK Bird Scarer

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The Hawk Bird Scarer really works! Birds have an inborn fear of Hawks and they have never become used to Hawks. Scares most birds including Cockatoos, Crows, Galahs, Corellas, Starlings, Jays, Parrots, Bulbuls, Mynahs and Silver Eyes.

The Hawk Bird Scarer is a plastic replica of a real attacking Goshawk. Before a Goshawk attacks its prey (typically other birds) it hovers over its prey before diving head first. To successfully use a Hawk Bird Scarer simply locate it above the area to be protected so that it looks like a real attacking Goshawk. The kit comes ready to assemble with instructions included (or watch the video here).

“Just two Hawks gave 92.5% bird control of my strawberry crop, increasing yield by 53 punnets a day”
– John Vankerchof of Port Macquarie

“Last year I put the hawk up really high above a huge apple tree that is usually stripped by flocks of parrots. I really wasn’t expecting great results BUT! Wonders of wonders, the flocks of parrots avoided the tree like the Plague! It was wonderful! Almost unbelievable! They would sit and squawk on neighbouring trees, obviously very cross and unimpressed with the presence of the hawk, but they didn’t come near, not once. As the leaflet said the, the secret is getting the Hawk up high.”
– Lyn O’Connor, Greythorn, VIC, Australia

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