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Vigilant Herbicide Gel - 240gm Bottle

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Vigilant II is a ready to use gel developed especially to control a wide range of woody weeds and trees, scrambling weeds and vines and general broadleaf weeds – includes built-in applicator.

  • Minimal risk to non-target plants

  • Use in sensitive areas – No spray drift

  • Low toxicity & minimum risk to the environment

  • Suits native vegetation regeneration & restoration work

  • Formulated as a gel, Vigilant II is ready to use straight out of the pack. No messy chemicals and limited user exposure

  • The 240 ml applicator brush bottle is re-usable and can be refilled from a bulk pack

  • The brush bottle of Vigilant II can treat approximately 120 stems (Average stem of 25 mm diameter applied as a 5 mm dollop of gel)

  • Vigilant II can be used year round, although effectiveness may decrease slightly in colder months and cooler climates

Vigilant II contains the powerful and proven active ingredient aminopyralid which offers;

  • Faster brownout and knockdown

  • Extended weed spectrum

  • Improved robustness

Cut stump application - now it’s even easier to fight woody weeds:

  • Step 1. Cut stems horizontally 20 mm and preferably no higher than 100 mm above ground level.

  • Step 2. Squeeze Vigilant II brush bottle to apply a 3-5 mm thick layer of gel over the cut stem surface remaining on the plant.

  • Step 3. Repeat on other weeds until gel in bottle is finished.

  • Notes: On stems greater than 20 mm in diameter apply at least a 5 mm thick layer on the cut stem surface remaining on the plant. On multi-stemmed plants, treat the main stems as well as all the other minor stems for the same plant. Vigilant II should be applied immediately to the cut stem – certainly no longer than one minute after you’ve made the initial cut. If treating old stumps, re-cut and then apply.

Scrape & paint technique:

  • Step 1. Cut a series of blazes 15-20 mm deep around the main trunks of the tree with an axe or pruning saw; make the blazes evenly spaced with no more than a 20-40 mm gap between each blaze.

  • Step 2. Squeeze Vigilant II brush bottle to apply 5 mm thick layer over the lower cut surface of each blaze.

Drill & fill technique:

  • Step 1. On rhizomatous plants prune the shoots horizontally and if more than four rhizomes per shoot drill a 10 mm hole in every fourth rhizome to a depth of 80% of the rhizome.

  • Step 2. Squeeze Vigilant II brush bottle to apply 3-5 mm thick layer across the cut surface or fill the drill hole with Vigilant II.


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