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AIR-POT Root Pruning Tree Pot Kit 100L, 540mm diam (w/o base), 435mm high

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For plants to thrive they need healthy roots; standard pots deform roots encouraging the development of ring-roots which compromises the long term growth and health of the plant. The Air-Pot® system does the opposite, actively enhancing the plant by making it develop a mass of healthy fibrous roots. This maximises its ability to absorb nutrients and water, leading to a healthier, faster growing plant.

AIR-POT® encourages natural radial root development resulting in the planted trees growing a uniform radial root system in all directions as they would in nature. In contrast, radial roots that can develop in hard-walled pots may end up wrapping around the base of the trunk, constricting the trunk, impeding growth and ultimately leading to early death of the tree or even unexpected breakage of the trunk at the base of the tree.

The ground-breaking design of the Air-Pot® container has been continually refined over twenty years and is now in its sixth generation. Every detail has been enhanced to guarantee healthy root development and maximise aeration. Tough & robust they are constructed from recycled plastic; Air-Pot® containers can last up to ten years or more even throughout hot Australian summers.

Tips for growing with Air-Pot®
  1. It’s important to pack the potting medium evenly into all corners of the pot; a much finer potting mix is typically used as the pot design provides adequate aeration.
  2. A plant in an Air-Pot® will dry out much faster than standard pots. Daily watering on warm days or ideally a dripper/spray system is advised.
  • Supplied with plastic joining screws (green connectors in photos)
  • Made in Scotland from UV stabilised recycled plastic
  • Note: 100L, 200L and 400L AIR-POT containers are not supplied with a base; they are typically placed on root barrier or weed-mat and/or constructed on a pallet for easy transport.

“Air-pot containers have revolutionised the way we grow trees for the iCONic project – it is a dynamic system that allows us more flexibility than conventional pots and produces superior plants”

Tom Christian – Royal Botanic garden, Edinburgh
iCONic is a world-leading conservation project based in Scotland that aims to save some of the world’s most remarkable trees from extinction.

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