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Typhoon 20g Fertilizer Tablets - 500 / Tub

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A general purpose 20n 40p 8k Fertiliser Tablet specifically designed for Tree Planting. 10kg re-usable tub, 500 x 20g tablets. Made in Australia.

These compact, easy to use fertilizer tablets eliminate the need for measuring small quantities of dry materials and provide a safe, scientifically complete plant food which provides a plant growth response for up to two years. Planting Tablets fill the continuing need of all plants for a full range of nutrients. During the first year of establishment, the demand for plant food is not great in terms of total nutrients but continuous availability is critical for the development of healthy roots and vigorous top growth.

Special Advantages:

  • Safe, easy to handle, convenient.

  • Planting Tablets provide a plant growth response for one year in warm climates. This reduces labour and materials for reapplications.

  • The simplicity of pre-measured tablets insures uniform and adequate fertilization.

  • Supervisory time is reduced. Count and placement of tablets can easily be verified by inspection after installation.

  • Root zone placement eliminates feeding surface rooted weeds and grass. No surface residue to wash away.

  • Leach-resistant properties of tablet protect underground water from pollution.

Total Nitrogen(N): 20%
- as Urea: 2%
- as Ureaform: 16%
Total Phosphorus(P): 4.4%
Total Potassium(K): 8%
Sulphur(S) as Sulphate: 4.12%
Magnesium(Mg) as Sulphate: 0.64%
Iron(Fe) as Sulphate: 0.36%
Zinc(Zn) as Sulphate: 0.32%
Copper(Cu) as Sulphate: 0.31%
Manganese(Mn) as Sulphate: 0.17%
Boron(B): 0.02%
Molybdenum(Mo): 0.01%

The nutrients are released by soil moisture and microbial activity. Throughout the life of the tablet it supplies food and energy to beneficial soil micro-organisms. The micro-organisms gently and gradually release nutrients back into the soil in a form that the plant can absorb.

For young plants, simply punch the holes & place the Typhoon® tablets ½ way up the side of the root ball, hard against the roots. It is important to note that Typhoon® will not burn when the tablets are placed in direct contact with the roots.

For established trees, punch the holes along the drip line to a depth of 80-100mm. The number of tablets required to be applied will depend on the size of the Typhoon® tablets, tree age & nutrient demand of the specific plant. For more information, please contact us.

Safe, Non burning, Resists Leaching
The nature of Typhoon tablets means that they are an extremely safe way to fertilise plants. The tablet remains in place, even in porous soils. The tablet breaks down into a powder and this powder locks onto soil particles until it is released to the plant by microbial action. This minimises losses, even in sandy soils.

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