BioR's 2017 Frahns Farm Tree Planting Festival

Date: 15-Aug-2017 Landscaping News

Frahns Farm is 550 hectares of retired farmland that has been set aside for conservation and is jointly managed by BioR. The Frahn Farm Planting Festival was held on the 18th June and is part of a larger project that aims to restore the open grassy woodlands that once covered the property before it was cleared for livestock grazing.

This new revegetation is also helping with several research projects that tie in to BioR's restoration efforts.

Arborgreen's Mallee Mesh Treeguards and Corflute Treeguards have been installed to protect the saplings planted such as Blue Gum and Native Perennial Grass plots.

BioR have worked collaboratively with SA Murray Darling Basin NRM on this project.
Read more about this project here.

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