A total of 42,300m2 of Jute Matting used in Gleeson's Creek, Port Macquarie Project

Date: 10-May-2017 Landscaping News

A total of 570 rolls of Jute Matting and 80,000 Weed Mat Staples were used in this project. Project was undertaken by B & K Revegetation and Landscaping. Material supplied by Arborgreen.

Three Container loads of Jute Matting was shipped in to supply this project. 

Gleeson's Creek is a manmade creek being constructed in a new development called Stirling Green in Port Macquarie.

The purpose of the Jute Matting is to stabilize the embankment of this man made creek. This creek during heavy rainfall will fill to the top of the embankment. During lesser rainfall water may only flow approximately 7m up the embankment. By using the Jute Matting with specified planting it will substantially reduce the erosion, and will help control any sediment flow from this development. Once all the dwellings are complete in this development, all storm water will be released into this creek as well. Therefore the importance of sediment and erosion control during the plant establishment is high. 

The developer also intends to recreate a Koala corridor in this development by using species favoured by Koalas.