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MACRACOTE Red Plus 20kg

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Controlled Release Fertiliser Macracote® is a coated controlled release compound fertiliser, with trace elements included. The coating of biodegradable wax is tough and flexible, totally dependable under conditions of temperature stress and osmotic pressure.

Macracote® Red is ideal for long-term indoor & outdoor foliage & flowering plants. Advanced container stock, cut flower production, vegetable crops & palms.


  • The unique coating results in high performance release characteristics at both low and high temperatures

  • The coated fertiliser releases Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium & trace elements in close proportion to their ratios in the granule

  • Uniform nutrient uptake results in a more vigorous plant with enhanced disease resistance, improved stem rigidity and longer vase life in the case of cut flower production

  • Can be incorporated into soil mixes or used as top dress or broadcast applications

  • Release rates are not affected by leaching, pH, soil moisture, soil texture, organic matter, oxidation/reduction potentials or by the ionic strength of soil solution

  • All Macracote® formulations contain trace elements

  • A range of 4 to 14 month release products are available as well as low Phosphorus formulations for use on sensitive plant species.

Macracote Red Plus 20kg - 15 : 3 : 9 + T.E. Release Period: 8 to 9 months

Total Nitrogen(N) 15.4 %w/w
Nitrogen(N) as urea 7.8 %w/w
Nitrogen(N) as ammonium 4.2 %w/w
Nitrogen(N) as nitrate 3.4 %w/w
Total Phosphorus(P) 3.5 %w/w
Water soluble Phosphorus(P) 3.2 %w/w
Citrate soluble Phosphorus(P) 0.3 %w/w
Total Potassium(K) as sulphate 8.9 %w/w
Trace Elements
Sulphur(S) as sulphate 5.08 %w/w
Magnesium(Mg) as sulphate 0.46 %w/w
Iron(Fe) as sulphate 0.04 %w/w
Zinc(Zn) as sulphate 0.3 %w/w
Manganese(Mn) as sulphate 0.05 %w/w
Boron(B) 0.02 %w/w

RELEASE RATES: Based on laboratory testing

Temperature in degrees C / Approximate days for release
5°C / 380 days, 10°C / 350, 15°C / 320, 20°C / 300, 25°C / 270, 30°C / 240, 35°C / 210

When choosing a release rate take into account variation between day and night temperatures. The above is only a guide as all fertilizers are affected by the complexity and variety of field conditions.

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