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The fastest way to remove Woody Weeds - roots and all! The Tree Popper is a popular alternative to stem scrape & cut poisoning methods of weed control. The simple, rugged design provides excellent durability and ease of use; making it a favourite with contractors and volunteers alike.

The tool grasps the weed at base of the stem pulls the whole plant out of the ground using the lever principal; the large tree popper has the equivalent pulling power of 10 times the weight of the user. Three sizes are available, all being able to remove plants with stem diameter as small as 5mm, however the small tree popper is the best tool for removing a lot of small saplings & seedlings.

Pest weeds in Australia commonly removed using Tree Poppers include: Olives, Blackberry, Mediterranean & English broom, Acacia Salinga, Boxthorn, Boneseed, Pines such as Aleppo Pine, Wild Rose, Briar Rose, just to name a few...

  • Small - remove plants with a stem diameter of up to 20mm. Weight: 2.5kg

  • Medium - remove plants with a stem diameter of up to 40mm. Weight: 5.0kg

  • Large - remove plants with a stem diameter of up to 60mm. Weight: 7.5kg

Watch the video to see the Tree Popper in action!

Comments from users:

Boxthorn, briar rose - not a problem
I am delighted with the mid sized treepopper I recently purchased for Dept of Environment in the National Parks of Lofty/Barossa District, delivered last week. It doesn't look pretty any more but has already been responsible for the demise of large numbers of olives, boneseed and Acacia saligna. Even some boxthorn and briar rose were extracted successfully by repositioning the jaws on lateral roots having eased the stem out a bit. We will be applying it to broom, gorse and pines in the near future and will give you some more detailed feedback on the product once a few staff and volunteers have had a go with it.

I have already recommended the product to other land managers and volunteer groups in the Adelaide Hills and will consider further purchases when the budget is in better shape!

Treepopper a tool of the trade
The City of Salisbury have only recently purchased a single Tree Popper to trial. The gullies of Salisbury are infested with Olives to date we have poisoned the bulk of the larger ones and we are now into treating the smaller trees. This is where the Popper has been invaluable. With the moist soil this time of year even the quite large Olives (up to 2m) are coming out with ease.

After two weeks we have now ordered another two Poppers (another medium and a large one) to trial, expecting big things from that one.
From my experience I expect the Poppers to progress out of the gullies when the Olives are dealt with to help us with other woody weeds including Boxthorn, Ash, Peppers and Castor Oils - its ease of use make this an efficient and effective way of dealing with woody weeds. The Popper has quickly become a tool of the trade for weed management, certainly a valuable asset for Salisbury in controlling woody weeds.

Rata Luckens Open Space Coordinator, City of Salisbury

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