Company Overview

   Better Together - SureGro TreeMax merges with Arborgreen in 2023  

To SureGro Trade Customers,

We’ve always been rooted in a simple principle: that we’re better when we work together. For over 35 years, we’ve worked with you to give you better: better products, better knowledge, better service, and better outcomes.

That’s why it gives us great pleasure to announce that from 1st January 2023, SureGro TreeMax and Arborgreen will be joining forces to operate as one business under the Arborgreen name.

Both businesses already share a parent company (ACW Group), a customer base and sell similar products. In joining our combined legacies of customer service, industry knowledge, innovation, and decades of industry goodwill, we’ll also become Australia’s foremost experts in tree planting, horticulture, revegetation, landscaping, and erosion control.

For our customers, this means:

  • Quicker response times.
  • A more comprehensive product range.
  • Better outcomes through increased buying power.
  • The same experienced team with advanced knowledge and unparalleled industry expertise.
  • Operational scale and speed with a national presence.

Simply put, we’re better together.

Together, we’ll achieve the best outcomes for your projects – whether we have to find a way or make one.


Supporting Australia’s tree-planting and landscaping professionals.

Arborgreen is an Australian, family-owned and run business. We sell products and materials for tree establishment and care. If the right product doesn’t exist, we will invent it! We are passionate about your success and will help you to achieve your botanical goals quickly and cost-effectively.


Striving to be our best.

Arborgreen began in the Adelaide Hills in 1980, when we were known as Woodchuck. Rod Gooden’s business, selling arboriculture tools and machinery, quickly became known for its knowledge, service, and care. Arborgreen has steadily evolved since then. The team at Arborgreen has built the business into the national powerhouse we know today.

At Arborgreen, everyone is family. All of our team members are as mission-driven as the Goodens themselves. Testament to this are our longest-serving team members: Joanne joined us in 1993 and Ivan in 1997.

In 1994, we released our first product, Ultragrate. A year later, we opened an office and a warehouse in NSW. This gave us the ability to supply NSW, QLD and the ACT within our market-leading timeframes.

In the 2000s, we created the Citigreen division to serve the urban sector of the market. It went on to become its own entity in 2017. Arborgreen became the trade division of the business in 2009. Together, Citigreen and Aborgreen created a range of innovative products to solve our customers’ problems.

Everyone at Arborgreen is trained in some aspect of horticulture. New ideas and the space to grow are important to us. It doesn’t just help us evolve. It keeps us innovating. It’s why we’re able to invent new products when what exists doesn’t meet our customers’ needs.


Achieving the right outcome every time.

Our customers’ outcomes drive what we do, because we want them to succeed. Here’s how we do this:

Being of Service: You’ll find that our service makes you smile. ‘Being of service’ is about long-term relationships and being available when you need us, even if what you need is a referral to someone else. You can rely on us even after your project ends. We get loads of emails from customers thanking us for our great service. You’ll find a selection on our Testimonials page.

Being Responsive: You will always get a response from us within three hours of your query during trading hours, because your deadlines are everything to your project. We strive to minimise your delays. This is why we guarantee same-day dispatch Australia-wide for in-stock products ordered before 10:30 am (ACST).