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Have your lawn looking lush this Summer!

Date: 23-01-2018

Credited: Photo & text supplied by Neutrog Australia.

A users success:

On a visit to the Adelaide Botanic Garden, Horticultural Curator Andy Hart was discussing the different turf areas he manages, with Neutrog company representative, Paul.

Paul is mad about turf and especially proud of the lawn he has nurtured at his own house. Get him ‘talking turf’ and he is in his element!

Andy mentioned a problem area that he had tried to improve without success. The large grassed area is a well-used public space and host to weddings so it had to look its best. Although the Botanic Gardens of South Australia use Neutrog products in a number of different areas, Andy had not yet tried Sudden Impact for Lawns.

Paul took a couple of photos and organised a few bags to be delivered for trial, before returning four weeks later to see the results. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots speak for themselves!

Needless to say, Andy is pretty pleased with how quickly the whole area has responded, after only one application.


Sudden Impact for Lawns is an organic based, chemically boosted fertiliser specially developed for new and established lawns along with other non-flowering plants such as palms, ferns and conifers, as well as leafy vegetables and herbs.

Sudden Impact for Lawns is blended in a granular form. Like Sudden Impact for Roses, Sudden Impact for Lawns combines the ‘best of both worlds’.

Its organic base provides a full range of plant nutrients in a slow release form, whilst the carefully selected water- soluble nutrients have been added to maximise the performance of each application.