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ArborGreen Tree Watering Bag, 75L

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The Arborgreen Tree Watering bag is a simple, efficient and cost effective method of watering young trees during the first years of establishment. Easily installed and filled in just minutes, the Watering Bag can also be moved between different trees; you can even join two bags together to use on larger trees.

The 75 litre bag features two small holes, one in each gusset, that slowly drips out over the next 5 to 9 hours. This ensures deep water saturation, encouraging deep root growth and efficient watering during dry summers and drought conditions. The deep saturation is also ideal for regions with sandy soils where other options, such as polymer water wells, may not be as effective. The deep watering is typically enough to last the tree 5 to 7 days, larger trees or drought conditions may require two fills per week.

  • Provides deep saturation watering with minimal evaporation or run-off

  • Simple and quick to setup, can easily be moved between trees. No digging, no staking, no tools required.

  • Deep watering, with a 3 to 4 day break between, helps to encourage deep root growth

  • Ideal for use on established trees during times of drought

  • Soluble & liquid fertilisers can be added if required; mix ratio according to the fertiliser manufacturer's recommendations (strain to prevent any sediment if required)

  • One bag is ideal for a tree up to 8cm in diameter where lower branches are clear to a height of 630mm or more

  • Two bags can accommodate a tree up to 20cm in diameter. Note that is not recommended to join more than 2 together

  • The bags are tough, flexible, UV resistant and should last many seasons

  • 12 month manufacturers warranty against defects

Usage & handling:

  • Use clean water only. Sediment or vegetation may block the drip holes

  • Note: sometimes a particular bag or depending on how the bag is seated when filled, may take up to 24 hours to fully empty

  • When filling, 1/3rd fill the bag and use both handles to partly lift bag; this will seat the base correctly around the tree, then complete filling

  • Do not suspend or hang the Watering Bag from the black handles

  • Never attempt to unzip, move or transport the bag when full

  • Take care not to rip or tear the fill opening

  • Do not zip together more than two bags

  • Ensure ground and tree trunk are clear of any sharp edges or objects

  • Keep the bag away from small children (and pets)!


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