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RoundUp Ultramax Glyphosate 570g/L - 20L

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A powerful 570 g/L glyphosate formulation, Roundup ULTRA® MAX is the latest in Roundup technology, offering advanced performance and flexibility. Made to the highest quality standards, enhanced performance includes more comprehensive weed controlling capability, greater translocation qualities, and rainfastness. Roundup ULTRA MAX is at the forefront of weed control.

Active ingredient: 570 g/L glyphosate (present as the potassium salt)

Use Case: Roundup ULTRA® MAX in Resistant Ryegrass

Independent trials run by Dr. Peter Boutsalis of Plant Science Consulting investigated the bioefficiency of two glyphosate formulations in controlling susceptible and glyphosate-resistant ryegrass biotypes.

Dr. Peter Boutsalis concluded that, “Roundup ULTRA® MAX exhibited superior control at lower - intermediate rates on susceptible and glyphosate resistant ryegrass biotypes compared to a Glyphosate 540 g/L formulation.”

Use Case: Roundup ULTRA® MAX in Resistant Sowthistle (Milkthishle)

Dr Peter Boutsalis, Plant Science Consulting, Adelaide, SA, investigated the bioefficiency of four glyphosate formulations including Roundup ULTRAMAX in controlling susceptible and glyphosate-resistant Sowthistle Biotypes.

In this trial on glyphosate Resistant Sowthistle, Roundup® UltraMAX exhibited up to 30% better control at 800g ai/ha over other formulations at the same g ai/ha. Percent control of Susceptible Sowthistle did not differ above 500g ai/ha across the four glyphosate formulations.

The report suggests differences in surfactant technology influences glyphosate performance on Resistant Sowthistle.

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