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Slasher Pelargonic Acid Herbicide - 5L

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Natural Organic Weed Killer.
Organic Herbicide that controls weeds, moss and algae.

  • Made from natural plant oils

  • Fast acting

  • No lasting residue in soil

  • Glyphosate free

  • approved for use on organic farms and gardens.

Independant trials have validated that SLASHER ORGANIC WEED KILLER is considerably more cost effective than the standard Organic weed killers. It can be used where other herbicide sprays pose a potential risk to public health and safety; can drift long distances onto sensitive plants causing irreversible effects, and where lasting soil residues can be taken up by surrounding plants and cause long term physiological damage.

Slasher Weedkiller is made from plant oils (GM-free) which have been converted into a natural acid called nonanoic acid (also known as pelargonic acid). Nonanoic acid can be found in pelargoniums in large quantities and is also produced in other plants when stressed.

Nonanoic acid occurs naturally in plants and is regularly used in the processing of fruits and added to foods.

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