Mallee Mesh Sapling Guard 800mm High x 350mm Diameter



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    PL252590E, PLSMT1500750
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Product Description

- The Mallee Mesh guard is a favourite because of its ability to fit into any budget and is totally reusable, whilst excelling in the protection of your trees from external forces.
- The Mallee Mesh guard can be simply joined together to make a larger guard, or stacked on top of each other to make a taller guard, the possibilities are endless.
- The Mallee Mesh guard is supplied as a pre sized flat sheet making it easy to transport and more efficient to handle – no cutting tools needed
- The Mallee Mesh has larger apertures to make it easier for removal – branches will not be damaged as the guard is being removed
- The Mallee Mesh is hot dip galvanised to provide you with a longer lasting guard that can be reused

Hardwoods stakes, pliers and fixing rings sold separately

Mesh Sheet – 1200x800mm