Tree guards

  • Dorper Mesh Treeguard, 500mm Dia. x 1,200mm High
    Especially designed and field tested by Arborgreen, these TreeGuards are fabricated from a sturdy galvanised mesh, with a custom wire spacing to provide protection to your reveg trees planted within sheep grazing areas.
    500mm diameter x 1,200mm high, 4mm galvanised wire
  • Mallee BioGuard, 435mm tall by 160mmØ - White Board
    The new Mallee Bio-Guard designed by Arborgreen are a biodegradable alternative to the Corflute Welded Guards.

    This guard is a similar size to the Corflute Welded Guard and uses one or two 11x38x750mm hardwood stake (stake supplied separately).

    Supplied as a flat biodegradable cardboard sheet measuring 435mm high x 620mm wide for easy transportation.
  • 2L Cardboard Carton Treeguard - 250/Box
    An excellent way of protecting your faster growing young trees is to use our cartons. These cartons provide a first class shelter for tube stock before finally biodegrading into the soil. We stock 2L cartons as the most popular size for tree planting.
    Made from recycled plain unprinted material, with stake slots for increased longevity. 250/pack
    (Bamboo canes sold separately. Recommended size is 8-10mm x 600mm long, or 10-12mm x 600mm long)
    Dimensions: 95 x 95 x 300mm

    Planning a planting involving children? Take along permanent markers or crayons and let them personalise their own guards.
  • SENTREE Sapling Trunk Protectors - 100/Box
    Sentrees protect trees from line-trimmer damage. They come tightly coiled and are simply opened out and placed around the tree trunk. For larger trees, Sentrees can link together. Sentrees are 230mm high. 100 per box.
  • FORESTRY Tubes 50 x 50 x 120mm, 630/Pack
    Tubestock Tubes – 50 x 50 x 120mm, 630/Pack
  • VINEGUARD Sleeve 100um Green Perforated at 450mm - 270m Roll (60
    This economical vineguard is 135mm wide on a continuous roll of 270 metres and is perforated at 450mm intervals. Is ideal for protecting young trees and vines from spray drift and frost. Translucent green.
  • Polymesh Tree Guard 400mm Wide x 450mm High, Black - each  (was
    A tough durable tree shelter for young trees and shrubs, providing protection from wind and foraging animals. Use with our hardwood stakes or large bamboo canes. Dimensions 400mm wide (laid flat) by 450mm tall. Other heights also available.
  • 1L Milk Carton Treeguard - 500 / Box
    An excellent way of protecting fast growing young trees. These cartons are a biodegradable option to plastic tree guards. 2L cartons are pre - slotted for installation with bamboo canes. 1L cartons are milk carton print seconds.
    Pack of 500.
    Dimensions: 70 x 70 x 285mm