Tool Pouches and Holsters

  • Bush Regenerators Kit, Polyester, With Tools
    A combination pouch kit with popular revegetation tools. This pouch is made from 600 denier polyester with a Velcro tab for securing in the rolled-up position for transport.

    1 x Bush Regen Pouch
    1 x Wolf steel trowel
    1 x ARGR17 ARS folding pruning saw
    1 x AR120EU ARS Secateurs
    1 x Herbicide applicator bottle
  • ARS Leather Secateur Pouch
    ARS Leather Secateur Pouch
  • BAHCO Leather Secateur Pouch
    This secateur pouch has a clip for belt fastening as well as slots for a belt to be threaded through. The leather is moulded into the shape of a secateur. A top quality leather secateur pouch for professional users.
  • Bush Regenerators Kit With 3 Tools
    This complete kit is a convenient and economical way of purchasing the specialised tools required for bush regeneration. It includes the purpose-built Harvestwear 3 pocket bush regenerator’s pouch, sewn and riveted from high grade leather. It includes a quick-release pouch belt, a cast aluminium narrow trowel, a boning knife and a pair of 120EU ARS heavy duty secateurs with razor-sharp hard chrome plated blades. The Harvestwear bush regenerators’ pouch has pockets specially designed for each individual tool and has special safety features in-built to protect users from accidental damage from sharp tools.
  • Bush Regenerators Kit With 4 Tools
    This kit includes the purpose-built 4 pocket bush regenerator’s pouch, sewn and riveted from high grade leather, a quick release pouch belt, cast aluminium narrow trowel, a 6” boning knife, one pair of 120EU ARS heavy duty bypass secateurs and a ARZ17 ARS folding saw.
  • Bighorn Pouch Belt
    Adjustable nylon tie belt with clip fastening.
  • HARVESTWEAR Secateur Pouch (was HASP)
    This popular pouch suits most secateurs and is sewn and riveted using quality leather. It has large slots for wide belts and open bottom to stop debris collection. A feature of this pouch is an extended section at the base to protect from possible damage due to secateur blades protruding through the opening.