Analysis and Testing Tools

  • Flagging Tape, 25mm x 100m - Fluoro Pink
    Pink flagging tape. Sold individually (100m/roll).
  • Flagging Tape, 25 x 100m - Fluoro Yellow
    Yellow flagging tape. Sold individually (100m/roll).
  • ROOT ZONE Soil Moisture Meter
    These simple meters provide you with a quick relative measurement of soil moisture at up to 600mm below the surface. Great for checking tree watering operations.
  • Tree Diameter Tape 10m
    The ideal method of measuring tree trunk diameter, this fibreglass tape has a hooked end with diameter printed on one side and circumference on the other. 10m length.
  • HAGLOF Electronic Height Meter
    A professional instrument for measuring inclination and heights. The Haglöf HEC Electronic Clinometer features your measuring results directly in a display, processed by the instrument, eliminating any risk of calculation errors. Simply measure (use a measuring tape or similar) and input the distance to the object, aim to the bottom and to the top and read the height measurement in the HEC display. The HEC has proved its accuracy in several independant tests. It is reliable, rugged, durable and easy to use and will save both time and money.
    Extremely small – yet powerful and rugged
    Measures heights at any distance
    Display featuring correct results instantly
    Eliminates calculating errors
    Easy-to-use with quick guide included with each instrument
    Low battery consumption
    Accurate and reliable
    Supplied with battery
  • Flagging Tape, 25mm x 100m - Fluoro Blue
    25mm x 100m per roll
    Also available in Fluro Pink, Yellow, Red and Orange.
  • Aquaterr Soil Moisture Meter
    Probe your soil with a simple-to-use Aquaterr Soil Moisture Meter. Learn the truth about your irrigation system and tree watering efficiencies. The radio frequency capacitance sensor at the probe’s tip instantly determines the amount of air and water in the soil, thus giving a direct readout in percent of saturation.
    Weight (unpacked): 2.26 kg
    Overall length: 91.4 cm
    Aircraft grade stainless steel probe length: 76.2 cm
    Probe diameter: 1.3 cm
  • Suunto PM5 1520 Height Meter
    This precision height meter enables easy measurement of tree heights. 15m and 20 m distance scales (from tree) for measuring tree height. Easy one hand operation. Damping liquid assures smooth, accurate and quick readings. Parallax free lens magnifies scale card graduations. 20m scale/ degree conversion table on back. Anodised aluminium alloy body with neck lanyard.