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  • Bayer SilvaShield Injectable Tree Insecticide - 1L
    SilvaShield injectable tree insecticide is a soluble liquid formulation for use via trunk or stem injection for the control of a range of insect pests in trees. Recommended use with Elm Leaf Beetle infestation.

    • Formulated specifically for injection into trees
    • Provides long term protection of trees against insect damage
    • The trunk injection application method provides greater flexibility in terms of site conditions than soil injection (eg. Trees surrounded by concrete in pavements or roadsides)
    • Minimal off-target impact (active substance is placed right into the tree where it is needed)
    • Lower levels of chemical used compared to soil injection
    • No additional water required for treatment
    • Provides faster results than soil injection
    • Depending on the injection system used, trunk injection is less labour-intensive than soil injection
    • Compatible with many types of application equipment
  • HAWK Bird Scarer
    The Hawk Bird Scarer is a wise investment in . . . because, this scarer really works! Birds have an inborn fear of Hawks, and they have never become used to Hawks. Your Hawk Bird Scarer is a plastic replica of a real attacking Goshawk.
    Before a Goshawk attacks its prey (birds) it hovers over its’ prey . . . then dives head first. To successfully use your Hawk Bird Scarer, all you have to do is locate it above the area to be protected so that it looks like a real attacking Goshawk . . . your bird problems will be solved. Ready to assemble, with instructions.
  • Premium Weed Mat, TS Woven 201E, 5.15m x 100m Roll  (Special cle
    TerraStop® PP Woven Geotextiles are often used for separation, reinforcement and stabilisation in the construction of pavements. The separation action prevents the mixing of dissimilar soils allowing each soil layer in the pavement structure to function as intended.
    The high tensile strength and low elongation properties of TerraStop® PP Woven Geotextiles provide reinforcement and stability into the pavement section reducing rutting and extending pavement life.
    TerraStop® PP Woven Geotextiles are manufactured from durable, high-modulus PP yarns and woven into a robust, dimensionally stable geotextile. Available in various strength grades to suit the project.

    (Discounted price - 'strictly while stocks last')