Electronic/Battery Tools

  • PELLENC Selion P130 Handheld Electronic Chainsaw C/Fibre Pole 1.
    PELLENC Selion P 130 handheld Electronic Chainsaw C/Fibre Pole 1.3m
    The Selion Pole Saw is a, fully electronic tool from Pellenc. Operated with one of the lithium-ion battery backpack. The Selion includes real innovations, automatic oil flow control and automatic chain tension. Its head can be fully tilted in line with the pole, at right angles or in the high position. Available in four models, this saw allows work to be done with very little noise, in sensitive neighbourhood’s.
  • PELLENC Selion T220-300 Hand Held Electronic C/Saw Telesc. 2.3-3
    PELLEC Selion T220-300 hand Held Electronic C/Saw Telesc. 2.3-3.0m
    A chainsaw for working at height with ease. The Selion P130 and P180 fixed pole saws and T150/200 and T220/300 telescopic pole saws cut with precision. With a height range of up to 3 metres, work can be carried our without carrying a harness due to their lightness. Selion pole saws are ideal for use in noise sensitive areas and are powerful enough for forest work.
  • Bahco Electric Secateurs
    These compact secateurs are made for professionals seeking precision and comfort, due to their weight and manoeuvrability. The confortable grip and the Bahco Pradines cutting head, with a cutting diameter of up to 35mm, make them particularly suitable for vineyard work. They can also be used for horticulture and maintenance work in parks and gardents etc.

    Bahco Pradines cutting head - The cutting offers clean cuts and excellent cutting performance. The Xylan coating helps you to easily penetrate the wood, extending the battery life.

    Lightweight - These lightweight, very manoeuvrable electric secateurs reduce the strain on elbows and shoulders. It's comfortable grip fits both left and right handed users. Weight 670g

    Cutting Capacity - The compact blade allows clean cuts up to 35mm, ideal for maximising work speed and for pruning in confined spaces.
    This secateur has three different cutting methods/modes for different pruning requirements.
    • Progressive Fast Cut
    • Progressive Cut
    • Non-progressive Fast Cut

    Brushless motor - A high performance, engine-optimising battery life that allows intensive work. Friction free, carbon free, maintenance free.

    This electric secateur has many other features including:
    • Motor cooling system
    • No tools needed for a blade change or adjustment or to open the safety guard
    • Optical trigger, allowing fast, precise and progressive blade movement

    The BCL21 secateurs are supplied with a BCL1B1 Lithium-ion battery. This battery is very lightweight and compact so it can be easily carried on the adjustable belt.

    Time required to fully recharge - 9 hours
    Weight - 845g
    Maximum power - 865 W
    Average lifetime - 800 cycles

    Items included
    • Electric Secateur
    • Battery
    • Charger
    • Adjustable Belt
    • Holster
    • Armband
    • Grease

  • Pellenc Airion 2 Super Quiet Blower 920m3 / Hour
    Performance offering excellent comfort
    Protected against dust and moisture and 100% waterproof, AIRION 2 is designed to withstand the test of time.
    Perfectly balanced while being operated, AIRION 2 can be used for several hours without fatigue or tension in the wrist. Weighing only 2.550 kg and providing effective thrust of 17.5 N, AIRION 2 meets the needs of professionals in all weather conditions.
    It is effective both in urban areas, near sensitive areas, and in parks and gardens.

    • 2,550 kg with the actual weight of the cable.
    • Effective unmatched thrust of 17.5 N.
    • Actual air flow of 920 m3/h with the nozzle.
    • Lifetime guaranteed thanks to a waterproofing level of IP54 that protects it from dust and rain, as well as a robust, magnesium alloy turbine body.

    • More durability means more profitability.
    • Battery can be used with all other tools of the range.
    • Low maintenance.
    • Unmatched Battery life for more productivity.

    • The tool stays perfectly balanced during operation, regardless of the speed.
    • Maximum MSD prevention through respect for vertical axis of work, from shoulder to wrist.
    • Silent: only 79dB.
    • Zero emissions and zero waste.

    Battery sold separately. Compatible with the 700Wh Lithium Battery Pack.
  • Pellenc 250 Lithium-Ion Battery For Vinion/Prunion
    Lithium-ion battery with "Breathable", extra comfortable harness.
    • Chest strap for lateral carrying of the battery
    • Integrated handle
    • Cable loops
    • Air circulates in the back
    • Adjustable belt
    • Holster
    • Double connectors for multi-tools
    • Battery-life display On/Off, 4 settings

    Weight (g) - 1680
    Maximum power – (w) - 1730
    Average lifetime – (cycles) - 1000
    Average autonomy Vinion - 15 h *
    Full charge - 5 h
  • PELLENC Excelion Brushcutter/Linetrimmer
    Demo unit - excellent condition
  • Pellenc Vinion 150 Electronic Secateurs
    The Pellenc VINION is perfect for vine growers seeking lightness, ergonomics, ease of use and precision—a veritable high-tech revolution. The VINION pruning shear was designed to meet every expectation. It can be used with the light and compact 150 pocket battery, or the 250 battery, which makes it possible to connect two PELLENC tools at the same time for alternating work.

    • PELLENC-PRADINES cutting head.
    • High performance motor: 92%.
    • Precise management of the position of the blade.
    • A compact pruner, that is handy and suitable for all hand sizes.

    • The least expensive Professional pruner on the market.
    • Adapts to your pruning habits thanks to different cutting modes.

    • The lightest pruning shears on the market: 680g.
    • A concentrate of energy for a day of pruning:
    – 845 g for the 150 battery,
    – 1,680 g for the 250 battery

    • Optical trigger for natural control of the half-opening.
    • The blade can be removed without tools.
    • Alternate tools using the dual connector on the 250 battery.

    Supplied with 150 battery. 250 battery is available, sold separately.

    150 Battery
    Weight (g) - 845
    Maximum power – (w) - 865
    Average lifetime – (cycles) - 800
    Average autonomy Vinion - 9 h *
    Full charge - 9 h
  • PELLENC Helion Compact Chassis Battery Hedgetrimmer
    PELLENC Helion Compact Hedger (no bar)
    Helion Compact Hedge Trimmers are lightweight (only 3kg) and are equipped with a 1200 watt, very high efficiency motor. Each model has a 4 speed selector and anti blocking system (motor will run backwards when blade blocked). The Helion compact has a 510mm bar standard with optional bars available in 630mm and 750mm. The quick switch blade system enables fast blade changes and the Helion Compact is complete with a pivoting handle for vertical or horizontal hedging. Also available in a Telescopic Pole Version as shown, this model will extend from 1.5-2.0m in length, and has proven ideal for high hedges, or ficus trimming. the cutting head can be tilted across for trimming the top of hedges also.

    The Helion hedge trimmers are efficient tools that meet the needs of professionals in terms of power and trimming quality. Their odour-free operation and lightness allow the user to work comfortably when maintaining robust hedges or ornamental trees.