Other Arborist Tools

  • HAGLOF Increment Borer 00 mm/12”, 5.15/0,200” core diam. 2-threa
    Complete borer 300 mm/12”, 5.15/0,200” core diam. 2-thr. 10-101-1019 Borer bit.
    Haglöf Sweden borers are optimized for growth and quality control in trees and used in management, planning and for scientific studies, such as:
    • Average age of a stand or exact age of individual trees
    • Forest health and to predict future growth
    • Calculate site index of a stand
    • Environmental control, soil fertility and fertilization effects
    • Disease, insect attacks, and the structural condition of the tree
    • Quality control by examining wood density
    • Control of the environment outside the tree, such as water and soil quality through laboratory analysis of the tree core
    • Chemical studies to determine suitability for different purposes and to check impregnation depth

    Only available while stocks last. 2 available