Folding Saws

  • ARS Folding Saw 17cm
    The best ARS folding saw. It has a simple press button latch, a special rubberised handle for sure grip, and a curved blade for positive pull-cut action. Blade length is 17cm. Replacement blade code is ARGR171.
  • BAHCO Folding Saw 18cm
    This saw has a rubberised grip with a locking mechanism for the blade. The blade has hardened conventional pruning saw teeth. Blade length 18cm. Replacement blade code is BA396HPB.
  • BAHCO Folding Saw 18cm
    This pruning saw features the same handle as the 396HP but has a blade with the Japanese style pull cut teeth. Blade length is 18cm. Replacement blade code is BA396JTB.
  • ARS Repl. Saw Blade – 210DX
    Hard- Chrome plated blade for rust and sap resistance. Blade length: 16cm, Weight: 140g.
  • ARS 17cm Straight Blade Folding Saw
    The high performance ARZ17 folding saw is a similar style and design as the ARGR17 but with a straight curvature ground blade and convenient thumb catch. The curvature ground blade offers a smoother cut than a taper ground blade.

    • High carbon steel for outstanding cutting edge durability
    • Hard chrome plated blade for rust and sap resistance
    • Blade length 17cm, weight 175g
    • Replacement blade available ARG17
    This saw replaces the ARG18L & AR210DX saws.