• SRT Prussik Minding Pulley
    Ideal for use in Prussik system, this pulley is compatible with ½” ropes. This single sheave pulley has aluminium cheeks and aluminium sheave for weight reduction. Rated to 3000kg Tensile, 300kg SWL, and weighs 120g.
  • ARBORIST Pulley 25mm rope, 1800kg swl
    A popular model, this aluminium pulley will accommodate ropes up to 25mm diameter and has thicker side plates, giving an SWL of 1800kg and max tensile strength of 9000kg.
  • Treehog Quick Release 100kN Pulley Block
    • Conforms to EN 795:2012 Class B & EN12278:2007
    • MBS 100kN
    • SWL 20kN
    • Quick Release 1/2 Turn thumbscrew closure
    • Stainless steel bearings

    The TH2040 is a heavy duty impact block style lowering pulley, available in a choice of anodised colour finishes

    With swivelling side plates TH2040 can be easily installed mid line, and a simple ½ turn on the thumb screw secures the plates closed. The plates are forged aluminium for strength and impact absorption, and finished round and smooth to avoid rope damage.

    The block features a handy hollow bore on the large lower sheave which can be utilised for a secondary positioning line to rig the pulley away from the trunk, or for a speed line system

    With heavy duty stainless steel bearings, the large sheave can take rope up to 18mm diameter and has a working load limit of 20kN.

    In dismantling of large stems, the impact pulley is typically installed with a round sling or whoopee sling, just below the section being cut.

    Please remember, rigging of loads for dismantling trees is a dangerous operation where many unseen factors affect the behaviour of falling loads.

    Rigging should only be undertaken by trained personnel.
  • ISC Large Aluminium Rigging Pulley 70kN, 20mm Rope
    Fully modular design allows pulleys to be fitted with bushings or bearings bushings use mos2 silicone impregnation for improved wear resistance, bearing systems uses sealed roller bearings for reduced friction. All pulleys are laser marked with obligatory details and individual serial numbers. Circumferential markings around axle rivets denote bushing or bearing. Axles are riveted rather than bolted to comply with the European standard and so that they are fully tamper proof and totally impossible to unscrew during use. Becket eyes allow a karabiner to be rotated fully. Fully load rated beckets.
    Length: 157mm
    Width: 115mm
    Thickness: 35mm
    Rope size: 20mm
    Features: Swivel Cheek
    Minimum breaking load: 70kN
    Finish: Anodized
    Weight: 470g