Karabiners & Connectors

  • KONG Steel Screw Carabiner
    This high carbon steel carabiner has a screw gate lock. Opening diameter of 26mm and has an extremely high strength of 50 kN (kilonewtons) Weighs 245g.
    Strength 50kn
    Weight 245g
    Overall length 114mm
    Gate opening 26mm
  • Kong Large Steel Trilock Carabiner (411.OZ)

    Carbon steel carabiner with Auto Block sleeve. The X-Large is designed to offer a wide gate opening and a high tensile strength. The particular D shape prevents the rotation of the carabiner and allows to distribute the load along the major axis.
    The reinforced sleeve offers greater resistance in the case of lateral stress as required by ANSI.
    Equipped with Key Lock system that prevents any snagging on the rope and in the bolts.
    Fitted with Auto Block sleeve, easy to open even wearing gloves.
    3 movements sleeve: to open the connector it is necessary to lift the sleeve, turn it and then pull the gate.
    Special burnished finishing that allows a greater visibility of the laser marking.
    High quality product completely developed and produced in Italy.
    Tested piece by piece.

    Opening diameter of 27mm and has an extremely high strength of 50 kN (kilonewtons)

    Weighs 240g
    Strength 50kn
    Weight 240g
    Overall length 114mm
    Gate opening 27mm

  • PETZL Amd Ball Lock Carabiner
    The ball lock latch developed by Petzl is less cumbersome to operate than other carabiner latch systems and very secure. A popular design.
    Strength 28kn
    Weight 80g
    Overall length 110mm
    Gate opening 24mm
  • Kong 409.10 Quick-Link Carbon Steel  D 10mm
    Constructed from steel, this “quick-link” or rapide has a 10mm opening. Has a tested 45kN strength.
    Strength 45kn
    Weight 153g
    Overall length 86mm
    Gate opening 12mm
  • OMEGA OPD6 ISO Series Aluminium Carabiner
    This aluminium non-locking carabiner has a gate opening of 20mm. Made of aluminium and has a strength of 31kN and weighs only 65g. Ideal for attachments and accessories.
    Strength 31kn
    Weight 66g
    Overall length 108mm
    Gate opening 20mm
  • HMS Jake Omega Screw Lock (OPHMSKLL)
    Is an alloy screwgate offset carabiner. Jake is the ultimate harness belay carabiner with a 25.5mm gate opening and side swing gate. Screwgate.
    Strength 23kn
    Weight 99g
    Overall length 116mm
    Gate opening 25mm
  • HMS Jake Omega Tri Lock (OPHMSQ3)
    This model has all the features of the ABJAKESCR above, but with a cesure, triple action locking gate.
    Strength 23kn
    Weight 108g
    Overall length 116mm
    Gate opening 23mm
  • OMEGA Steel Dee Carabiner
    Screwgate with an opening of 23mm from 7/16” steel and a strength of 53kN.
    Strength 53kn
    Weight 209g
    Overall length 111mm
    Gate opening 23mm
  • MAILLON Rapide - Oval
    The profile of this quick–link makes it ideal connecting two way loads, securely, such as when using a polestrap or wire core lanyard. Strength 25kn
    Weight 61g
    Overall length 79mm
    Gate opening 16mm