Plastic Landscape Edging

  • GreenEdge Series II Joiner 70x22x450mm
    The LEPROJOIN7022450 is a pre-cut joiner for the LEPRO504 edging. The joiner is a 70 x 22mm profile, 450mm.
    The same WPC construction as the edging.
  • GreenEdge Flex 90x40x4800mm Charcoal
    Our GreenEdge Landscape Edging is a Wood Plastic Composite, with many advantages:
    • Recyclable
    • Non toxic
    • Easy to handle
    • Tolerant of extreme climates
    • Rot, pest & UV resistant
    • Non-leaching and durable
    The LEPRO504 is a sturdy 90 x 40mm profile, and is standard in 4.8m lengths.
    Joiners are also available. LEPROJOIN7022450
  • EDG-KEEPER For Ponds 7.5, 2.28m w/Stakes  (Special Run-Out Price
    Design and build creative ponds and water gardens! Edg-Keeper was designed to create options. Until its introduction, water garden designers were forced to always outline their ponds with stacked rocks and stones in order to hold down the liner and prevent erosion along the edges. Edg-Keeper gives contractors another option and allows for more creativity and flexibility to design natura-looking pond edges that lead directly into turf, pavers, flower beds, mulch, and more.
  • SUPER-EDG 100 150mm deep - 30.48m w/STAKES
    Super-Edg features a 150mm deep low profile design that makes it ideal for a variety of landscape applications, such as: defining flower beds, forming logos and patterns, and can be used above ground at the base of fences to save time and money while string trimming. Super Edg’s heavy-duty, 100% recycled PVC construction makes it safer and more economical than metal edging products.
    This boxed and rolled version of Super-Edg includes 25 steel stakes and 2 connecting H-clips.
  • ONYX II 1mm Plstc L/S Edging 100mmx2.4m, with 2 stakes/length
    Onyx™ is the revolutionary narrow profile plastic landscape edging engineered from a durable Rigid PVC. Onyx utilizes a unique, patented sliding connection system that allows the two ends to stay securely connected with the addition of the locking stake. Extreme flexibility allows for graceful curves, resulting in an eye-appealing, longlasting landscape design.
    • Engineered C-channel design provides an easy (yet secure) connection, while still providing a slim profile for an extremely crisp line in the landscape.
    • Designed with a unique, patented connection system that utilizes a stake to permanently interlock adjacent edging sections – eliminating horizontal separation or possible weak points.
    • Includes heavy-duty 8” steel landscaping stakes that securely anchor it into the ground through pre-punched stake holes, providing long-term durability and easy installation.
  • ONYX Splice
    This splice unit is an optional accessory used to eliminate the overlap and rotation of pieces that occurs with the standard sliding connection of Onyx. With this splice unit, each end of adjoining sections uses a stake to connect the splice, creating no visible overlap.
  • BRIC-EDG 7.5, 2.28m Flex. 3stake + 1 Joinr ea
    Introduced in 1992, it is the original “L” shaped paver restraint. Bric-Edg’s simple design was no accident. At the time of its introduction, no paver restraints were available that could be installed underneath the pavers and the available restraints did not allow for turf growth alongside the paver after installation. Improving upon an existing idea, it was determined that the “L” shape was the best design to solve these problems. This new restraint needed to be the strongest on the market; therefore, it was made of high grade PVC with no fillers or blown in material. Today, Bric-Edg remains an industry leader. Steel anchoring stakes are included.
    • Curves easily
    • Made of PVC
    • Available in rigid profile for straight runs, or flexible for easy curves
    • Designed for the following walkways and driveways:
    - Paver
    - Concrete
    - Brick
    - Asphalt
    - Stone
  • SLIM-EDG 10, 3.0m w /Stakes
    Slim-Edg is a combination of Super-Edg and Edg-King. Its low-profile top and grooved bottom offers superior heave resistance. This product was introduced for customers who like the safety and function of our Poly edgings but where looking for a nearly invisible separation. Composed of the same high quality material, Slim-Edg offers rigid strength from top to bottom, with no sharp edges.
    • No Sharp Edges
    • No Cutting Required to Make Curves
    • Solid PVC Construction
    • Flexible & Rigid Sections